Little Dragons and Dulwich College

Last Saturday, Dulwich College hosted a "Rugby Day Out" for their students and the Little Dragons Developmental Team. The monsoon rains came out in full force, making for a classic day of Rugby. The players and coaches gritted their teeth and played through it.

The day was organized as a round robin, with six teams composed of a mix of players from every team, allowing for a diverse spread of skill and the ability for players to learn from each other.

The last time I watched the Little Dragons play was last November. They were a scrappy bunch of shoeless, energetic kids who were just happy to have the chance to run around with the ball; and that's pretty much all they did. The rugby training held then bore little resemblance to any game of rugby.

Passing fluidly, attacking with good angles, defending in solid lines, the children I saw last Saturday were an entirely different team of kids. Clearly they had grown in leaps and bounds. It was an inspiring and impressive sight.

I want to personally thank the players and coaches from Dulwich College for organizing a great day, and giving these kids an opportunity to learn, play, and grow alongside one another.

If you'd like to get involved with Little Dragons Rugby, please visit their website

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